Healthy Living

Healthy Living in schools is not just about encouraging children and young people to eat well and to exercise, it's a much broader approach which focuses on the physical, social, mental and emotional well-being of both staff and pupils.

Schools have an important role to play in promoting the health and well-being of young people. They have the opportunity to shape attitudes and behaviours that affect it. We have suggested some simple steps to help pupils, parents, teachers and staff work together to live more healthier lifestyles.


Sustainable Healthy Living Projects

Healthy Schools Scheme:

The Caerphilly Healthy School Scheme is part of the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Scheme, and seeks to develop and sustain the health and well-being of pupils, young people and staff in the authority's schools and the wider community. All schools across the Caerphilly county borough participate in the scheme and work towards accreditation of each phase by developing a whole school approach to health and well-being through the 7 key health topics that are:

  • Food and fitness
  • Mental and emotional health and well-being
  • Personal development and relationships
  • Substance use and misuse
  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Hygiene

These health topics are developed throughout the school and emphasise:

  • Leadership and communication
  • Curriculum
  • Ethos and environment
  • Family and community involvement

Schools taking part are expected to promote and develop 3 main action areas per phase, whilst building and sustaining on previous years targets.

For more information about the Healthy Schools Programme visit Caerphilly Healthy Schools or contact your local authority Healthy Schools Officer.

The Healthy Schools Scheme links perfectly with the Healthy Living Eco Schools topic area, supporting a whole school approach to ESDGC.

Appetite for Life:

The Welsh Government 'Appetite for Life' sets out the strategic direction and actions required to improve the nutritional standards of food and drink served in schools across Wales. Appetite for Life is part of a broader agenda on food and fitness for children and young people which is set out in the Welsh Government's 'Food and Fitness Implementation Plan'.

To find out more about the Apetite for Life Action Plan visit 


Sustainable Health & Well-Being Support and Advice

For support and advice on sustainable school health and well-being in the Caerphilly county borough please contact:

Carin Quinn, Healthy Schools Officer, CCBC. 

Tel: 01443 864863, Email:

Susan Evans, Healthy Schools Officer, CCBC.

Tel: 01443 864863, Email:

Adam Thomas, Healthy Schools Officer, CCBC

Tel: 01443 864863, 



Top Tips for Sustinable School Health and Well-Being

  • Run a fruit tuck shop
  • Develop a food and fitness policy
  • Carry out an audit of the health and well-being of the school
  • Link to transport and start a walking bus or cycle train
  • Run after school exercise clubs
  • Encourage the canteen to serve healthy well balanced meals
  • Stamp out bullying
  • Take part in Fruity Friday
  • Start an after school cookery club
  • Link to Fairtrade and sell Fairtrade fruit and cereal bars as part of your health snack bar



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