Promoting safe and healthy journeys to school can in turn also help to reduce the use of the car and impact of the school run. Our growing use of cars has caused a variety of environmental, social and health impacts especially with emissions from travel being one of the fastest growing contributors to climate change. 

We have suggested some simple steps to help pupils, parents, teachers and staff work together to travel more sustainably and raise awareness of important transport issues.

Sustainable School Travel Projects

School Travel Plans:

School travel plans aim to encourage schools to identify and solve problems associated with the school journey, especially those relating to safety, and they encourage sustainable forms of transport reducing congestion and pollution outside schools.

A school travel plan works by looking in detail at the children's needs on the school journey. Parents, governors, teachers, pupils and the local authority work together to find the right solutions for their school. A school travel plan can be geared towards the needs of a primary or secondary school.

Walking Buses:

A walking bus is a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly approach to walking large groups of children to and from school whilst alleviating school run traffic congestion.

Cycle Trains:

Cycle trains are an extension of the walking bus scheme with the train starting from a certain location and picking up pupils on a safe route to school.

National Walk to School Weeeks/Months:

The Walk to School Campaign asks parents, pupils and teachers to think about their journey to and from school and the many benefits of making it on foot. Each year two nationally recognised events are organised, International Walk to School Month and National Walk to School Week, to encourage people to walk to school as an everyday activity. For more information visit


Sustrans is a leading charity enabling people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys. Sustrans works with schools throughout Wales, enabling more children to travel to school by bike, scooter or on foot. To support teachers Sustrans has a range of information and curriculum resources to meet outcomes of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework through the topic of active travel. Young people and schools can also take part in exciting UK-wide competitions that make active travel easy and fun. Find out more at 


Sustainable Transport Support and Advice

For support and advice on sustainable school transport in the Caerphilly county borough please contact:

Susan Davies, School Travel Plan Coordinator, CCBC

Tel: 01443 866593, Email:


Top Tips for Sustainable School Transport

  • Develop a school travel plan
  • Implement a road safety awareness programme for pupils
  • Map pupils routes to school and collate onto one large map
  • Discuss the impact of different modes of transport and their impact on the environment
  • Undertake a green transport survey
  • Run cycle proficiency training
  • Set up a walking bus or cycle train









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