Do you know how much water you are using or wasting? Most of us take water for granted but even though it covers 70% of the earth's surface it is still in short supply in many regions of the world due to climate change and increasing water usage.

Schools provide a superb opportunity for pupils to learn more about responsible water usage, helping them to see the environmental impact of everyday actions.

We have suggested some simple steps to help schools improve their water efficiency and raise awareness of important water issues.


Sustainable Water Projects

Water Hippo's:

Water Hippo's are a simple low cost water saving device to help conserve water in toilet cisterns. Every time the toilet is flushed the hippo saves about 3 litres of water. Most toilets will flush just as effectively with less water. You can either purchase water hippo's or make them in school.

Welsh Water Education Centre, Cilfynydd:

The award winning environmental education centre at Cilfynydd has fully equipped indoor and outdoor classrooms, managed by a seconded key stage 2 teacher. Facilities include wildlife ponds, nature trails, river Taff studies and tours of the waste water treatment centre.

Primary schools can visit the site to explain pond dipping, mini beast safaris, plant studies and classroom experiments, all linked to the National Curriculum.

For more information visit www.dwrcymru.co.uk/en/Community/Education/Education-Centres.aspx or contact Cilfynydd Environmental Education Centre on 01443 492720


Sustainable Water Support and Advice

For support and advice on sustainable water efficiency in the Caerphilly county borough please contact: Paul Rossiter, Energy and Water Officer, CCBC. Tel: 01443 864868, Email: ROSSIP@caerphilly.gov.uk 


Top Tips for Sustainable Water Efficiency

  • Monitor your water meter
  • Fix dripping taps
  • Turn off taps when they are not being used
  • Fit spray taps or push taps where possible
  • Use a water butt to collect rainwater to use in the school garden
  • Only fill your water bottle with the amount of water you usually drink each day
  • Investigate water usage in other countries
  • Appoint water monitors
  • Run a 'turn it off' campaign to encourage everyone to use less water
  • Undertake a water audit to see who uses the most water


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