ESDGC Case Studies

Caerphilly Solar Schools

In January 2009 the Sustainable Development Team and United Welsh Housing Association developed the concept and proposal for the Caerphilly Solar Schools project. £296,000 was secured to install solar photovoltaic systems on sixteen schools and one education centre in the Heads of the Valley area.

The Caerphilly Solar School Resource pack was also developed to support all schools in the Caerphilly county borough incorporating renewable energy and energy efficiency into the curriculum.

Caerphilly Solar Schools Project


Eco Challenge Events

Eco Challenge events were run every year between 2006 and 2010 to promote environmental education and sustainable development to primary and secondary children in the Caerphilly county borough. Over the five years 2,011 children from 59 schools have taken part in the Caerphilly Eco Challenge, taking part in a variety of interactive workshops covering sustainable development & global citizenship topics.

The Primary School Eco Challenge events and the first Secondary School event were run at external venues and the children had to complete pre-event challenges prior to attending.

The following Secondary School Eco Challenge events were held at two secondary schools, providing workshops for every year 7 pupil. This reduced travel and venue hire costs as well as the carbon footprint of the event. Holding the event at the school also allowed us to focus on a whole year group, instead of working with one or two classes from each school. 

The workshops for both events linked to the curriculum, provided opportunities for further study back at school and supported schools working on the Eco Schools programme. Workshop topics included Waste Minimisation, Our Local Wildlife, Fairtrade, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Transport, Creative Play, Climate Change & Pollution, Water Efficiency, Healthy Living, Bush Tucker Trails, Ecological Footprints, Biodiversity, Race Equality, Food Miles and Global Citizenship.

Eco Challenge Event Evaluation Report - February 2008 Primary School Eco Challenge

Eco Challenge Event Evaluation Report - November 2009 Secondary School Eco Challenge


Eco 10:10 Event

An Eco 10:10 event was held in November 2010 to raise awareness of climate change and sustainable development to primary and secondary schools in the Caerphilly county borough. The event was attended by teachers and pupils from twenty-two schools who were encouraged to make a commitment to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% by 2012. 

The pupils took part in a variety of workshops focusing on climate change and sustainable development, which gave them information and ideas to help them to develop an individual climate change action plan for their school to help reduce their impact on climate change, as part of their Eco School work.


Green Grin o Meter

As part of the process of raising awareness and understanding of Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship, the Sustainable Development team worked with the New Economics Foundation to develop the Green Grin o Meter.

The Green Grin o Meter is a children's sustainability index, by answering eleven questions the children are given a score for their ecological footpring, health and happiness. they are also given feedback based on their answers, which gives them tips and advice on how to live more sustainably.

The development of the Green Grin o Meter was partly funded by the WLGA Bespoke Project Fund, along with funding from Carmarthenshire county borough council and Torfaen county borough council.

Visit to view the Green Grin o Meter.


ESDGC Governor Conference

The Annual Governor Convention held in May 2007 focused on Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship, titled, 'Supporting Eco Schools - Your choice, Their Future'. 100 governors and officers attended to learn more about sustainable development & global citizenship and find out how they could provide more support to their individual schools.


World Environment Day Youth Conference

An ESDGC Youth Conference was held on World Environment day in 2007 to support the Youth Forum Living Environment sub group. The conference was held at Parc Penallta, wth over 100 young people attending to take part in a variety of workshops to learn new skills to live more sustainably.


ESDGC Youth Award Scheme

The ESDGC Youth Award Scheme has been developed to support youth groups working on environmental and sustainable projects as part of the youth work curriculum. The ESDGC Youth Award is the first of it's kind in Wales, developed as a partnership project between Caerphilly CBC and Bridgend CBC Sustainable Development Teams and Youth Services.

ESDGC Youth Award Scheme


Eco Early Years Award

The Eco Early years Award Scheme is being developed to support early years settings working on environmental and sustainable projects as part of the settings development plan. The emphasis is on a commitment to environmental awareness and sustainable development with the setting and wider community.

Eco Early Years Award


ESDGC Resource Boxes

Nineteen resource boxes have been developed to support schools incorporating sustainable development and global citizenship into the curriculum. The resource boxes contain various activities, lesson plans, resources etc covering all Eco School topic areas. The resouce boxes were developed using funding from the CCBC Beacons Grant Scheme in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy.

ESDGC Resource Boxes

The Green Grin-o-meter


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