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The development of a revised national curriculum has provided schools with many opportunities to embed ESDGC throughout the curriculum. Below we’ve listed some resources available to help schools deliver ESDGC through a variety of curriculum subjects.

Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

The Well-being of Future Generations Act is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.

As a result of the Act, a total of 44 Public Bodies across Wales, Caerphilly CBC included, must in future, think more about the long term, work better with local people and communities and each other, look to prevent problems and take a more joined up approach.

To make sure everyone is working towards the same vision, the Act puts in place seven well-being goals.

We've mapped the seven well-being goals against ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship), the LNF and a few award schemes and initiatives to give schools an idea of what they could include in the curriculum/ extra curricular activities to help address the seven well-being goals.

Well-being for a Sustainable Future - English Version

Well-being for a Sustainable Future - Welsh Version


Interactive Bee Workshops - Sirhowy Valley Honeybee Company

Schools can book a workshop with the Sirhowy Valley Honeybee Company to visit the interactive Bee Hive House in the school grounds of Ynysddu Primary School, to learn all about pollinators and honeybees. The pupils wear bee suits and take part in a proper hive inspection, learning all about life inside the hive and how honey is made. There is also a viewing area with a sealed observation hive for those who don't want to get close with the bees.

Interactive Bee Workshop leaflet


Caerphilly Friends of the Earth "Bee Friendly" Initiative

Would you like your school to achieve "Bee Friendly" status?

To achieve "Bee Friendly" status you must demonstrate progress along four themes, which are:

1. Food - providing pollinator friendly food sources in your area

2. Five star accomodation - providing places for insect pollinators to live

3. Freedom from pesticides and herbicides - committing to avoid chemicals that harm pollinators

4. Fun - involving all the community and telling people why you are helping pollinators

If you would like to apply for "Bee Friendly" status for your school then first download the application form from http://biodiversitywales.org/Wales-Action-Plan-for-Pollinators

This site also gives you full information on the initiative. Once completed, you can email the completed form to: natureconservation@wales.gsi.gov.uk

For more information visit Caerphilly Friends of the Earth "Bee Friendly" initiative


ESDGC/LNF Resources

The ESDGC/ LNF resources have been developed by the All Wales ESDGC Local Authority Officer Group to support schools introducing the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework through ESDGC activities.

Resource packs have been developed for year 2, year 6 and year 9, in both English and Welsh.

The resources have been developed to provide schools with information and ideas to deliver the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework through activities and projects that support Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship.

Year 2 ESDGC/LNF Resource - English

Year 2 ESDGC/LNF Resource - Welsh

Year 6 ESDGC/LNF Resource - English

Year 6 ESDGC/LNF Resource - Welsh

Year 9 ESDGC/LNF Resource - English

Year 9 ESDGC/LNF Resource - Welsh


Eco School Topic Resources

Eco School Topic Resources to identify how to implement a variety of Eco School actions as part of your Eco School Programme.

The resources look at how to implement and monitor your action, link to the LNF/curriculum and achieve a whole school approach. There is a resource sheet for all eight Eco School Topic Areas.

Energy Actions
Water Actions

Health Actions
School Grounds Actions

Transport Actions
Global Citizenship Actions

Waste Minimisation Actions
Litter Action


What Day/Week/Month Resource

An events calendar which identifies National and Local days linked to ESDGC to help schools plan their projects and activities.

ESDGC What Day/Week/Month Calendar


ESDGC Governor Toolkit

The ESDGC Governor Toolkit has been developed to provide guidance to school governors to enable them to support their schools on Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship (ESDGC).

ESDGC Governor Toolkit

ESDGC Governor Toolkit Welsh Version


Caerphilly Solar Schools Resource

The Caerphilly Solar Schools Resource pack has been developed to provide schools with information and ideas to deliver renewable energy education to children and young people. The resource pack contains lesson plans and assembly plans written by primary and secondary school teachers from schools in the Caerphilly County borough to help teachers deliver the topic through the National Curriculum and Eco Schools Programme.

Caerphilly Solar Schools Resource

Caerphilly Solar Schools Resource Welsh Version


Global Games Resource

The Global Games Resource has been developed to provide guidance to:

  • Support schools incorporating Global Citizenship into the curriculum
  • Encourage pupils to play games
  • Promote games from around the world
  • Encourage global learning

Children's games provide a creative and fun way to view different cultures. Traditions and traits are usually reflected through the games children play.

The Global Games Resource is aimed at Primary Schools and Secondary Schools (year 7/8).

Global Games Resource

Global Games Resource Welsh Version


Green Grin o meter

The Green Grin o meter has been developed to raise awareness and understanding of ESDGC to schools. It's a children's version of the Caerphilly Sustainability Index to enable young people to calculate their own sustainability score. The index, aimed at children aged 8 to 12, will calculate their ecological footprint, health and happiness and provide tips on how to be more sustainable. The index allows children to monitor their sustainability, which supports the schools Eco School work programme.

Visit http://www.greengrin.co.uk to view the Green Grin o meter and find out how sustainable you are.

Visit http://www.cymraeg.greengrin.co.uk to view the Welsh version of the Green Grin o meter.


Eco Early Years Award

The Eco Early Years Award has been developed to support early years settings working on environmental and sustainable projects as part of the settings development plan. The emphasis is on a commitment to environmental awareness and sustainable development within the setting and the wider community. There are 3 levels to the award scheme, bronze, silver and gold, with each level taking approximately 12 months to complete.

The award scheme has been designed to compliment the Healthy Early Years (HEY) Scheme. Settings who complete phase 3 of the HEY Scheme, which contains the environment section, will also achieve the bronze Eco Early Years Award. The scheme also compliments the Eco School programme to ensure there is continuity when the children move from early years settings to a school setting.

Eco Early Years Award


Size of Wales

Free Size of Wales Rainforest Workshops

Size of Wales is a unique organisation that has campaigned successfully to help protect and sustain an area of rainforest the size of Wales. Our education work has been an important part of this success story, with over 40,000 pupils getting involved with the project so far.

We have a number of free assemblies and workshop presentations on offer to schools across Wales. Workshops are tailored to all age groups (F/P-KS4) and aim to raise awareness of the effects of deforestation on both the human and natural environment.

For further details or to book your experience please contact Nigel Little at nigel@sizeofwales.org.uk


ESDGC Toolkits

We have developed a selection of resource boxes (toolkits) to help you incorporate ESDGC into the curriculum. The toolkits are available for free hire to schools on a half term basis. Schools are required to collect and return the resource boxes borrowed.

Please contact the ESD Officer for more information about the toolkits on EVANSTA@caerphilly.gov.uk.

Check out the ESD & GC Toolkits Catalogue (PDF, Kb) to see what toolkits are available. Download the ESDGC Toolkit booking form 2014/15 to reserve the resource boxes.


ESDGC Youth Award Scheme

The ESDGC Youth Award Scheme has been developed to support youth groups working on environmental and sustainable projects as part of the youth work curriculum. The ESDGC Youth Award Scheme, the first of its kind in Wales, has been developed as a partnership project between Caerphilly CBC and Bridgend CBC Sustainable Development Teams and Youth Services. It's been developed using features from other sustainable award schemes and will support youth groups delivering ESDGC action as part of the Estyn inspection process.

ESDGC Youth Award Scheme



An interactive map spanning South East Wales showing ESDGC related sites and places to visit.

ESDGC Map (PDF, 3.03Mb)

ESDGC Map Welsh Version


ESDGC Contact Details

Contact details for officers based in the Caerphilly county borough and in South Wales.
Contact Cards Caerphilly (PDF, 120Kb)
Contact Cards South Wales (PDF, 232Kb)



ESDGC Policies

Below are some fantastic examples of ESDGC policies written by schools in the Caerphilly county borough and other local authority areas.

The Draft Framework for School ESDGC Policy (pdf, 47Kb) provides schools with a standard ESDGC Policy they can use.

The ESDGC Policy Guidance for Schools (pdf, 98Kb) provides useful guidance for schools wishing to develop their own ESDGC policy.


The 7 Themes for ESDGC

The 7 themes for ESDGC are based on themes identified by UNESCO as part of the decade of Education for Sustainable Development, 2004 to 2014. They are like pieces of a jigsaw which fit together to form a picture. Unlike a standard jigsaw they can be put together in a variety of ways so no two schools will have the same interpretation of ESDGC.

7 themes for ESDGC


ESD & GC Curriculum Mapping Resources

Below are examples of curriculum mapping across the key stages. Please use these documents to complete your own curriculum mapping.

ESD & GC across the Curriculum within the Foundation Phase Framework for Children’s Learning for 3 to 7 year olds (PDF, 63Kb)

ESD & GC across the Curriculum - Key Stage 2 (PDF, 169Kb)

ESD & GC across the Curriculum - Key Stage 3 (PDF, 234Kb)

ESD & GC Curriculum Map - Key Stage 3/4/5 (PDF, 1.1Mb)


County Borough Supplies

We are very keen to promote environmental awareness, consevation and sustainable procurement. We have a continuous development programme of improving our product ranges and continually work towards offering more environmentally friendly choices to our customers. The expert knowledge is not only gained through its relationships with the supplier chain but with its links with CCBC and through developing joint working relationships with neighbouring authorities (RCT, Merthyr, Bridgend and Cardiff County Councils). This collaborative approach benefits all schools with common themes and inter-authority knowledge.

We strive to make our own business practices less damaging on the environment, particularly in respect of the packaging and distrubition elements of our organisation. As part of our environmental responsibilities, we carefully plan our delivery services to customers and reuse packaging where practical on our outward bound deliveries. Please check your orders carefully as outer boxes may contain mixed goods in an attempt to minimise our overall packaging. A wide range of recycled or environmentally friendly products are available. Look out for the following icons.

For more information visit http://www.countyboroughsupplies.org/ and view the new Environmentally Friendlier Products Section on the website offering over 600 products which are either recycled or have some environmental properties. For schools and authorities wishing to cut down on bulky catalogues a new electronic catalogue is available to download onto your computer, simply click on the catalogue link on our website and enter the password Supplies1 the catalogue comes complete with an environmentally friendly index.


National Botanic Garden of Wales

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. The Education department offer a range of courses for pupils and teachers that focus on sustainability including planning allotments, thinking about everyday choices, Fairtrade and a trail of our alternative energy sources. for more information please take a look at our website, www.gardenofwales.org.uk/learning or give the Education Department a call on 01558667150.


Children's Commissioner for Wales Super Ambassador Scheme

"The scheme creates opportunity to discuss rights with the rest of the school. Pupils thrive on the responsibility that the scheme provides".

The Children's Commissioner for Wales' Super Ambassador Scheme is an initiative that empowers pupils to become the Commissioner's Ambassadors within their schools.

Two pupils, elected by their peers, take a lead role in promoting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the role of the Children's Commissioner.

Super Ambassadors also complete a 'Special Mission' to gather opinions from other pupils on a wide range of issues. Information collated from the Super Ambassadors' special mission will feed into the work of the Commissioners' office.

This means that our Ambassadors have a direct impact on the work that we do to ensure that children and young people in Wales enjoy safe and happy lives.

A Super Ambassador has three main missions:

  • Telling children in their school about the Children's Commissioner for Wales, what he does and how to get in touch with his office
  • Letting children, teachers and parents know about children's rights and the UNCRC
  • Doing a special mission for the Commissioner once a term

The link to the website is http://www.superambassadors.org.uk/home 



RSPCA Education resources are curriculum linked, written by teachers and completely free to download. Lessons range from Foundation Phase to KS4 and Animal Welfare topics include pets, minibeasts, habitats, developing school grounds, biodiversity and farming.
Photos to support these lessons can be downloaded free of charge. Online interactive resources are also available - 'Animals and Us' for primary pupils and 'Science, Ethics and Animals' for GCSE Science students.
Teacher training is offered via INSET and ITT workshops.

Visit rspca.org.uk/education for more information.



Oxfam Resources

Free resources for schools linking to the New Literacy and Numeracy Framework.

Everyone Counts - A maths resource for 8-12 year olds comparing Young Lives around the world.

It is an engaging resource which supports key elements of the maths curriculum. Using real-life data about children living in four countries around the world, learners will develop their skills and understanding of topics such as time and data handling.

Everyone Counts


Christian Aid

Christian Aid Resources
Bringing the global dimension to your school with easy to use resources.

For more information visit http://christianaid.org.uk/learn


What Day/ Week/ Month

What Day/ Week/ Month
Visit the following site to find out what’s happening locally, nationally and globally.

Tree Planting Instructions (PDF, 10Kb)
For those without ‘Green Fingers’


Web Based Resources

Selection of web based ESDGC resources for primary and secondary schools.




Recycle Zone

Steel Can Recycling Information Bureau

Christian Aid

British Gas

Woodland Trust

Living and Learning with Water

The Water School

The Water Family

Water Aid

Marine Conservation Society

Heal the school

Dragon Sport


Banana Link



Global Footprints


Send my friend to school

Anti-Slavery International

Understanding Slavery

Together TV

Send a Cow

Red Cross

Stop the Traffik

Damaris Trust

Jubilee Debt Campaign

The Woodcraft Folk

World Vision

Sneeze Safe



Geography Teaching Today

Save the Children


Citizenship Teacher

RE Online

The Council for Arab-British Understanding



ESDGC Resources to support the 7 themes of ESDGC

  Early Years Resources Primary School Resources Secondary School Resources
Choices and decisions Go to page Go to page Go to page
Climate change Go to page Go to page Go to page
Consumption and waste Go to page Go to page Go to page
Health Go to page Go to page Go to page
Identity and culture Go to page Go to page Go to page
The natural environment Go to page Go to page Go to page
Wealth and poverty Go to page Go to page Go to page


The Green Grin-o-meter


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