Operating Sustainably

No matter what your business is from manufacturing to service industries, from a one-man-band to a multi national company, the principles of operating sustainably will improve your business and your competitiveness.

Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency is an important business process that can help your business become profitable. The practice of using resource efficiency has been fundamental in maintaining business competitiveness by driving down costs through the supply chain. In the marketplace it is now a “win win” process for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and to maximise business efficiency.

Energy Management

Increasing energy costs are having profound effects on businesses with increasing bills and impacts on the bottom line. It is estimated that businesses can save 10% or more on their bills with no capital investment simply by following the energy management hierarchy. Taking action to save energy will therefore save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and improve profitability.

Waste Management

It is estimated that 4.5% of business turnover is spent on waste and the costs for disposal are rising rapidly due to changes in environmental legislation. Applying the principles of the waste management hierarchy and taking steps to reduce the amount of waste your business generates is crucial for the environment and can also save you money.

Legal Compliance

Environmental Regulation continues to increase. Keep up to date with changes in the law that may affect your business so that you can operate legally and efficiently.

Environmental Management

All businesses and organisations have an impact on the environment from raw material extraction through to waste disposal.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS’s) provide a structured framework through which to manage your business’ environmental impacts and compliance with associated environmental legislation. Implementation of an EMS also helps to reduce business’ environmental impacts, improve reputation and achieve cost savings.

Health and Safety

All employers are required by law to control health and safety risks. Managing effective health and safety contributes to corporate social responsibility and can bring clear benefits to businesses. It does not need to be expensive or complicated but it does require effective planning and leadership.

Keep up to date with what you need to know, what you must do, how well you are doing and advice and guidance so that you can operate legally and efficiently.

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