Sustainable Buildings and Sites

Your building and the site where you are based can have a significant impact on the local environment. From reducing your energy use to encouraging local wildlife, there are many ways to become more sustainable.

Heating and lighting

The cost of heating your building can be dramatically reduced by energy conservation measures.

Insulation will reduce heat loss and save heating costs. Insulation should include floors and rooves but check the material has zero ozone depletion potential (ZODP).
Low energy bulbs take less electricity and last much longer, whilst increasing natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting and also reduces costs.
To reduce your carbon emissions consider using energy from renewable sources such as Biomass, Geothermal, Solar or wind.


Water consumption can be reduce by reusing grey water cleaning flushing toilets etc. Rainwater harvesting - Collecting rain water, also reduces the need of supplied water. Outside consider permeable surfaces to allow water to soak into the groud to help to prevent flash flooding in periods of heavy rainfall

Facilities for Staff

Cycling facilities (showers, lockers)
Encouraging cycling and walking is a healthy way to reduce vehicle emissions. Providing facilities will help to promote active transport.


Simple changes to your buildings can be important for improving biodiversity, including encouraging bats, bumblebees and many bird species. Site layout and landscaping, particularly the use of native plant species can be important in maintaining habitats and encouraging biodiveristy.

The Economic Development Team

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s The Economic Development Team have been at the forefront of developing buildings and business solutions that respond to the challenges of sustainable development and climate change.

In 2003 the Tredomen Innovation & Technology Centre led the way in incorporating renewable energy and sustainability features into the building at the design stages, achieving a BREEAM rating of excellent in the process. This set the precedent for all future developments by the Council and there are now plans to construct a low carbon building on Oakdale Business Park.

The three subsequent phases of development at Tredomen have all adhered to these high environmental standards. The latest addition, Ty Penallta includes rainwater harvesting, “efficiency” measures and one of the largest ground source heat pumps in Wales tapping into geothermal energy below the site.

Tredomen Pods

Use the professional and modern pod facilities at the Tredomen Business & Technology Centre to start your business sustainably whilst keeping your overheads to a minimum.  Four pods are available for rent in a shared office at Tredomen Business & Technology Centre.  Pods can be very cost effective compared to renting office facilities and can give you the opportunity to trial running a business without the commitment to a lease.  The offices at Tredomen Park are WAP enabled, allowing the use of laptops throughout the building.  Each pod comprises a dedicated desk with access to a PC and printer and Pod tenants can also benefit from the use of the Virtual Office facilities. 

The Green Grin-o-meter

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