Sustainable Business

One of our key aims is to develop a strong local economy made up of successful businesses. This will provide improved employment opportunities for people in the county borough and will reduce some of the impacts of travel and transport. We provide a range of support and advice to businesses in the county borough to help them to become more successful and more sustainable.

Sustainable business

Taking a sustainable approach to business means planning for long-term financial security and success. By encouraging you to focus on long-term goals and strategy, a sustainable approach helps you achieve this.

A sustainable approach also offers a wide range of specific business benefits.

Reducing waste and emissions doesn't just benefit the environment, it also reduces your costs. Improved processes can help you cut purchases of raw materials and the costs of disposing of waste. Simple steps like turning off equipment when it isn't needed to reduce your carbon footprint - and your energy bills. A sustainable approach can also help you qualify for reductions in environmental taxes such as the climate change levy.

By ensuring that you comply with regulatory requirements - and anticipate future legislation - a sustainable approach reduces the costs and risks of non-compliance. For example, legislation is increasingly focusing on making producers responsible for the environmental impacts of their products and packaging.

Sustainable Employees

Find out how encouraging your employees to be more sustainable can lead to big benefits for your business. Go to page.

Operating Sustainably

Find out about resource efficiency, energy efficiency/management, waste management and environmental legislation, and how you can operate more sustainably. Go to page.

Sustainable Buildings and Sites

Find out how to make your buildings more sustainable, including BREEAM accreditation, renewable energy options or how to create a wildlife area or design your site layout to help to reduce your chance of a pollution incident. Go to page.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Find out about Corporate Social Responsibility, how accreditation can improve your competitiveness, e-procurement and what we can do to help local businesses. Go to page.

Sustainable Business Support

Find out what support is available to make your business more sustainable, how to tender for our work or how to join local networks. Go to page.

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