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Caerphilly county borough council are committed to making sustainable development a central guiding principle for all of our activities.

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The Council first approved a sustainable development policy in January 1997 and set out the principles of sustainable development that should guide all the actions of the authority. Since then we have worked hard to play our part in contributing to the shared Community Strategy goal of a sustainable county borough.

Our Sustainable Development Strategy, “Living Better, Using Less” restates our commitment to sustainable development and sets targets for 2030 to provide a framework to assess our progress towards long-term goals.

In 2008 we agreed the following sustainable development policy: -

Caerphilly county borough council will work with partners to enable everybody in the county borough to live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives whilst consuming less resources and fulfilling our responsibilities to the planet and future generations.

We have in place Member and officer groups designed to coordinate the mainstreaming of sustainable development in the authority and wider county borough. These include the Sustainable Development Advisory Panel, Sustainable Development Officer Group, Energy Sub Group and the Sustainable Development & Living Environment Team. 


The Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015

The Well-being of Future Generations Act is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. It will encourage people to think more about the long term, work better with people and communities and each other, look to prevent problems and take a more joined up approach.

The Act has 7 goals so that all public bodies know what they must work towards, called the 7 well-being goals. The public bodies must work on all of the goals, not just one or two. The Act also asks people to consider sustainable development when making decisions. To achieve this they have to incorporate the five ways of working.

Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015


Caerphilly Public Services Board

The Caerphilly Public Services Board brings public bodies together to work to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Caerphilly County Borough. They are responsible, under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act, for overseeing the development of the new Local Wellbeing Plan.

Caerphilly Public Services Board Website


Caerphilly County Borough Council Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan (PDF) is our overarching vision, supported with clear objectives and priorities, so that everyone is clear about the direction of travel and what we are aiming to achieve and most importantly, the role that each and everyone of us has to play in shaping it.

The  2018-2023 Coprorate Plan includes our six Well-being Objectives:

  • Well-being Objective 1: Improve education opportunities for all
  • Well-being Objective 2: Enabling employment
  • Well-being Objective 3: Address the supply, condition and sustainability of homes throughout the county borough and provide advice, assistance or support to help improve people's health and well-being.
  • Well-being Objective 4: Promote a modern, integrated and sustainable transport system that increases opportunity, promotes prosperity and minimises the adverse impacts on the environment
  • Well-being Objective 5: Creating a county borough that supports a Healthy Lifestyle in accordance with the Sustainable Development Principle within the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015
  • Well-being Objective 6: Support citizens to remain independent and improve their well-being

Support citizens to remain independant and improve their well-being

Specific actions are set out in individual Service Improvement Plans

To find out more go to Making it happen pages.


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