Sustainable Development Strategy “Living Better, Using Less”

Living Better, Using Less” our Sustainable Development Strategy 2008 sets out how we will contribute to the shared vision of a sustainable Caerphilly county borough. The strategy identifies the key sustainable development issues within the county borough, and how this fits into a global context

The strategy acknowledges the need for long term thinking and planning and sets long-term objectives and sets targets for 2030.

We will measure our progress to a more sustainable county borough by calculating our own Sustainability Index Score using the equation:

Life Expectancy X Life Satisfaction
Ecological Footprint

Our Objectives

Objective 1

To promote longer healthier lives, with a target of ensuring an average life expectancy for a resident, wherever they live in the county borough, of at least the UK National average by 2030.

Objective 2

To promote fulfilled and satisfied lives, with a target of ensuring an average life satisfaction rating for a resident of the county borough of at least the UK national average by 2030.

Objective 3

To consume less resources, with a target of ensuring that the average ecological footprint for a resident of the county borough is 2.87 global hectares by 2030.

The Strategy

The strategy acknowledges that sustainable development cannot be achieved by any organisation or individual working in isolation. In publishing our strategy we invite our partner organisations and individuals to sign up to sustainable development principles, both as a basis of our partnership working and in their own actions.

Living Better, Using Less (PDF)


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