Simple Steps to Sustainable Travel and Leisure


Emissions from transport are the fastest growing contributor to climate change... Unless action is taken to cut road spending and invest more in public transport, transport will be the biggest CO2 contributor in the next ten years.

In the modern world we are so used to going where and when we want that we don’t stop to think about the consequences of our journey

Sustainable transport includes walking, cycling, using public transport, car sharing and using vehicles that minimise carbon emissions, such as electric, LPG, biodiesel and hybrid cars.

We’ve listed some simple steps below to help you travel more sustainably in the Caerphilly County Borough

  • Walk, cycle or use public transport where possible instead of taking the car – its better for the environment and healthier for you.
  • Don’t travel by air if you can avoid it – air travel uses large amounts of fossil fuels and creates green house gases.
  • If you do travel by air, make a donation to Climate Care based on the length of your flight. This organisation supports the development of renewable and clean energy products that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Encourage the children to walk to school. Join the walking bus or ‘safer routes to school’ schemes. Most schools should have a system where parents can share the responsibility for walking their children to school.

Travel & Leisure

International travel has never been easier. Every year nearly 700 million trips are made abroad. Air travel accounts for 3-5% of carbon dioxide emissions that are released internationally. With air travel on the increase air transport is set to become the world’s largest single contributor to environmental damage and global warming.

We’ve also listed some simple steps to help you enjoy more sustainable holidays and leisure time.

Your Local Area:

  • Explore your local leisure facilities.
  • Leisure and cultural activities give us a sense of well-being but also develop a sense of pride in our community and our sense of place.
  • Visit your local country park and find out what activities are being run during the year.
  • Local bus/ train timetables are available on the CCBC website


  • Cut down on the number of flights you take and try to take a holiday in the UK.
  • Taking a holiday close to home will help boost the local economy, save on the pollution caused by increased travel and probably reduce travel time, therefore adding relaxation time to your holiday

Health & Quality of Life:

  • Leisure facilities closer to home play an important part in improving our quality of life and helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Plan an active holiday – try out a new sport or activity.
  • Increasing the amount of walking and cycle trips has many benefits including improving cardiovascular fitness and reducing stress levels


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