A Sustainable You

The average life expectancy for the UK is 77.2 years for men and 81.4 years for women. Although the majority of factors predicting life expectancy are beyond our control, there are certain things we can do to improve our future health and well being.

We’ve listed some simple steps below to help you lead a more sustainable healthier lifestyle. Remember to take things step by step, you don’t have to do everything at once.


  • Get active - aim to do 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, which is the recommended weekly amount.
  • Aim to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and foods with lots of fibre.
  • Cut down on foods high in fat, salt and sugar for a healthy balanced diet
  • Get out and get involved in your local community, it’s good for your health to have an active social life
  • Get involved with a local voluntary/ charity organisation – reap the benefits and rewards of voluntary work
  • Go for a walk during your lunch break, the fresh air and exercise will make you feel invigorated all afternoon
  • Adopting good healthy practices into your daily lifestyle will help improve your quality of life and general well being.
  • Try to relax, to much stress is detrimental to the body
  • Aim to achieve a work/life balance to reduce your stress levels, spend quality time with family/ friends and enjoy a happy, healthy life

Travel & Transport

  • Get on your bike, explore some of the local cycle networks and get fit at the same time
  • Try to walk or cycle to work one day a week
  • Explore your local leisure facilities
  • Try to travel to work outside peak times, this will shorten your journey time and make it more enjoyable
  • Aim to car share at least once a week
  • Walk or cycle instead of using the car. You will reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle as well as reducing pollution and traffic congestion

Energy & Water

  • Sign up for ‘Green Energy’ with your supplier
  • Take a shower instead of a bath, it’s better for you and the environment
  • Put on a jumper instead of turning up the heating
  • Open the window instead of turning on the air conditioning, the fresh air is better for your health
  • Get active – wash the car using a sponge and bucket of water instead of driving to the car wash
  • Take the stairs instead of using the lift

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Think before you throw out old items – can they be used for something else or can it be repaired
  • Start a compost heap – you will benefit from the fresh air and exercise as well as reducing the amount of waste you produce


  • Walk to your local shops instead of driving to the supermarket
  • Buy local organic produce to help you eat your 5 portions of fruit & veg a day
  • Buy food and drink locally and in season
  • Cut down on fast food/ takeaways, it’s much healthier to eat a home cooked meal
  • Only purchase what you need, this will help you reduce the amount you waste each week

Climate Change

  • Try to reduce your carbon footprint – go on a walking or cycling holiday
  • If you must fly try to take one long holiday instead of several shorter breaks or try to fly once every two years
  • Only watch your favourite TV programmes. Remember you can turn the TV off and do something active in between
  • Respect your environment – living in an ever increasing polluting world has negative effects on your health and well being


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