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Van Community Council is one of eighteen Community Councils in Caerphilly County Borough and it is a corporate body. It is also separate from Caerphilly County Borough Council and Welsh Government.

It raises a precept which remained constant for several years at £20,444. This increased to £23,000 for the financial year 2018-19 and is £25,000 for 2019-20.

It is warded into three wards, Lansbury, Porset and Brynau and the council has ten members. It elects a chairman annually who presides over the meetings.

Van Community Council holds monthly meetings, with the exception of August and December. It is required to provide Annual Returns to the External Auditor and HMRC.

The Council  achieves its aims through discussion and resultant decisions subject to public scrutiny. It is a transparent organisation answerable to the Community.

Contact us / Grants 

To apply for a grant please download the application form and return it to the Clerk to the Council.

Should you have suggestions for improving the website or any other queries please contact: -

Marcia Jones
Clerk and RFO to the Council
Van Community Council
Telephone: 07387885132
E-mail: clerk@vancc.co.uk

Meeting dates

The Council meets at the Van Community Centre, Clos Guto,  on the third Friday of the month.


Van Mansion

Van Mansion

History is on your doorstep but sometimes you have to find it, so, let us have a look  at “The Van.”